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"What helps people, helps business."  ~~ Leo Burnett

TECN.BIZ is built to bridge the gaps of poverty with wealth creation and ignorance with wisdom.  Our vision is to offer the tools of success by which every hand may grasp in making our Nation wiser, wealthier and more giving.  Our mission is to extend the olive branches of Christianity, conservatism, constitutionalism, and capitalism to those seeking success in every aspect of business.  Our goals are to secure the most trustworthy broadcasters to deliver news and information, produce the best media product that conveys the truth to the world and to inspire mankind to dream, to risk, to invest, and to profit.  The fruit of our labor will be visible in that every person may utilize our media programming and products to become better stewards, invest in people and their ideas and to achieve profits that create jobs and secures dreams.  We want the world to inherit the "American Dream".  We shall broadly, without fear or reproach, report the truth and be held to the highest standards in everything that we say, think and do.  TECN.BIZ is purposed to liberate the minds of our audiences by our sovereign freedom of the press.  We welcome you to TECN.BIZ.


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